There are several roles that are run for a 6 month term. It is important that we change these positions regularly and that everyone step up to the mark and take on a role at some stage or another. As we are all basically self-employed we do lead very busy lives trying to earn a living. However, when everyone shares the roles then they tend not to become a burden to any one person.

The positions are:

Maintains control of meeting, introduces new people, introduces members at showcase evening.


Keeps track of referrals, attendance, lets members know via email of upcoming events and breakfast meeting details.

Receives money for renewals, pays out invoices and keeps the books in order.

10 minute Talk Convener
Organises a schedule for the weekly talk by the members or brings in interesting guest speakers.

Showcase Convener
Organises a schedule of monthly showcases to be held at members businesses to ensure they can ‘show’ their business in more detail.

Education Officer
Gives a weekly short instructive and/or enlightening address on anything that can be related to improving our personal or business attitude.


Main focus is to promote the group to attract new members.

Meet and Greet (2 people)

Meets any guests who are new to our breakfast and run through the routine with them so they (the guest) have an understanding of what we do. Introduce them to some of the members. Perhaps even the next week look out for them and make sure they are talking to people and not left on their own. Hands out name tags and collects at the end of the meeting.